Kristel A.

I've only been with this facility for about 5months and all I could say is I'm very happy to work for them. The teamwork is what I value the most about this place. Everyone is so welcoming and do the best care for their residents. Just the other day, I was talking to one of my resident and she mentioned how she loves the place and would definitely recommend this facility to her friends and family; hearing that was very heart warming and made me realize how great of an impact we make with our residents. I definitely recommend this place 100% not because I work here but because I know you will get the care you deserve. All the staff will treat you with dignity and respect. :)

Dominique G.

When you come into the door you are greeted by many smiling people, who are actually happy doing their jobs. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The staff is excellent and has built strong personal relationships with the residents and their families. The CNAs have good camaraderie among themselves; they are good and happy people with difficult jobs of taking care of our elderly. I have learned to truly respect certified nursing assistants. CNAs don't get paid enough, yet they are truly the unsung heroes of this industry.

Reginald G.

Since changing ownership Riverwood Healthcare Center has become an outstanding post acute care provider. The Therapy team and Nursing staff are the best! The employees are highly competent and genuinely care about every patient and resident. All of the staff seem very attentive to providing great customer service. Also, for a healthcare facility the food is surprisingly good. This is the place I will recommend to all of my family and friends that require post acute care in a skilled nursing facility.

Melani B

I was so worried about my mother after she had a bad fall and needed the amount of care that required a rehabilitation facility. I wanted her to get the therapy and care she needed, but felt so helpless, and worried about how she would be taken care of. We were blessed beyond belief to be able to get placed at Riverwood. The facility is spotless, and the staff are the most amazing people I have ever met. From Marisol, the charge nurse, who treated my mom with such respect and care, to Reisha, who always new what my momma liked, and how she liked it. Lamont, just a doll, who always treated my mom like I imagine he would treat his own grandma. Klarin and Christin, Ming and Donald, who make her work hard to get stronger, but never pushed so hard she'd break.They were all terrific. But, when Ashleigh was on, when I went in after work, I knew I would sleep sound that night. I knew having her there was as good as being there myself. My mom adored her, and the feeling was mutual. I would be able to bounce my worries, and stress off of Ashleigh, and she would listen. She truly cared for the whole family! She was my rock during the tough days. When momma left that day there were tears all around. Everyone was so thrilled that she could go home, but we were all a bit sad, like we were moving away from family. Me and Momma are going to go back, just to visit, so we can see all of the loving people who work there.